Making A Difference

What We Do

The CHF provides “street-level” problem-solving incidents and encounters through the lens of law enforcement.

Here are just a few incidents where we have helped.

This young child had his bike stolen. After hearing Jayden’s story, the Cookeville Human Fund got him a new one.

While shopping at Walmart, a man’s car tire blew up and took his front end off in the process. A single father with 4 small children with him. The father couldn’t afford a tow truck after buying groceries, so the Cookeville Human Fund provided this service to him.

Local homeless couple. Panhandling for gas, a shower, and food. The CHF provided all to them.

A family of 6, (4 small children) broken down in the Walmart parking lot. No family and from another county looking to move to Crossville. Being in a critical bind, the CHF had their car towed and then repaired.

This family man only wanted a coil pack for his car. He and his wife are driving from Ohio to New Orleans to start new jobs and can’t get there without this vital auto part. The CHF got him the part, he installed it himself and back on the road they went.

This family need a hand up to make ends meet. The CHF got them food, diapers and a bed for one of their children.

Danny needed a bike to get to and from work. The CHF got him a bike and a necessities bag.

Engine belt broke and left stranded off of I-40. The man was broke and slept in the truck all night in frigid temps. The CHF had him towed to a repair shop and got him fixed up so he could drive back home.

Pregnant and due to a hazardous home environment, it was going to put her child at risk. After the vetting process, she was issued a one way bus ticket to Indianapolis to be in stable housing…

This woman ran out of gas in Algood. She had been sleeping in her truck for a few days. She needed gas to get back to Kentucky. The CHF filled her tank up and gave her a food gift card.

Charles had his bike stolen. This was his only method of transportation. The CHF bought him a new one.

This young man needed a few bucks to get a ride to Louisville Kentucky. The CHF was able to help him get back to Louisville.